VOID Distributor Amsterdam

Aart van Barneveld
at the Stempelplaats,
Sept. '77 - Dec. '80

Zaterdag 29. nov. 1980
van 20:30 tot 22:30 uur
Anjeliersstraat 153-A'dam

Leaving the w(h)ole story
to Pim Wiersinga

Rubber Volume 1

vol. 1 number 1, january 1978:
cozette de charmoy, england 'stampworks'

vol. 1 number 2, february 1978:
robert jacks, australia

vol. 1 number 3, march 1978:
barton lidice benes, u.s.a. 'stampworks'

vol. 1 number 4, april 1978:
pawel petasz, poland

vol. 1 number 5, may 1978:
marie combs, u.s.a. 'rubberstamp acts'

vol. 1 number 6, june 1978:
ulises carriòn, ned. 'rubberstamps theory and praxis'

vol. 1 number 7, july 1978:
dik walraven, ned. 'rubberrubb'

vol. 1 number 8, august 1978:
elsa standsfield, ned. 'void'

vol. 1 number 9, september 1978:
ray di palma, u.s.a.

vol. 1 number 10, october 1978:
jhk (j.h.kocman), cssr.

vol. 1 number 11, november 1978:
anna banana/bill gaglione, u.s.a. ‘stampworks ’40-‘40’

vol. 1 number 12, december 1978:
franz immoos, ned. ‘stamp-objects’

Rubber Volume 2

vol. 2 number 1, januari 1978:
davi det hompson, u.s.a. ‘a booklet that tells everything
ddh knows about stamps and stamping’

vol. 2 number 2, february 1978:
paulo bruscky, leonhard frank duch, unhandeijara lisboa
j. medeiros- brasil

vol. 2 number 3, march 1978:
fluxus rubberstamps
from the collections of archiv hans sohm, germany;
backworks, u.s.a..; armin hundertmark, germany;
harry ruhé, holland; dick higgins, u.s.a.;
ben vautier, france; robert filliou, france.

vol. 2 number 4, april 1978:
claudio goulard, ned. ‘a mail art project which I call
pieces of myself ’

vol. 2 number 5, may 1978:
diter rot, germany, from the collections of archiv hans
sohm, germany and peter van beveren, holland.

vol. 2 number 6, june 1978:
AKI stampproject- organisation bart boumans, holland
vol. 2 number 7, july 1978:
george brett, u.s.a./ henryk bzdok, poland.

vol.2 number 8, august 1978:
ulises carriòn, ‘a mail artproject: artists postage-stamps
and cancellations stamps’

vol. 2 number 9, september 1978:
ken friedman, u.s.a.

vol.2 number 10, october 1978:
saunders. r, u.s.a. ‘put my work where the children/
people will see is !’

vol.2 number 11, november1978:
raul marroquin, holland, ‘rubberstamps’

vol.2 number 12, december 1978:
r.d. schroeck, american, born 1949.

Rubber Volume 3

vol. 3 number 1/3, jan/march 1980:
stempelkunst in nederland,
inleiding ulises carriòn.

vol. 3 number 4/6, april/june 1980:
rubberstamps publications,
an index by aart van barneveld

vol. 3 number 7/9, july/sept. 1980:
six mailart projects:
ulises carriòn, ned.; leonhard frank duch, brasil
johan van geluwe, belgium; ko de jonge, ned.;
herman gruber, austria; pawel petasz, poland;
robert rehfeld, ddr.

vol. 3 number 10/12, oct./dec. 1980:
stampactions by pier van dijk/robert joseph, ned.;
johan van geluwe, belgium; hezy leskly, israel;
mass and individual moving, belgium; uwe poth, holland;
robert saunders, u.s.a.; endre tot, brd.;
maio wassenberg, belgium; ronald wigman, ned.


BANANA. anna, ‘stamp out stamps ’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

GAGLIONE. bill/ BANANA. anna, ‘dadaland stampbook’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

BRUSCKY. paolo, ‘untitled'
amsterdam, no date, stamp

CARRION. ulises, ‘mirror box’
no place, no date, no stamp

CORNELISSEN. johan, ‘tunesian curve/italian curve'
amsterdam, 1979, stamp

DUCH. leonhard frank ‘protestbook’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

GIBBS. micheal, ‘cancellations’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

GOULARD. claudio, ‘passport’
no place- no date- no stamp

HUISMAN. hetty, ‘the (w) hole story’
amsterdam, 1979, stamp

IMMOOS. franz, ‘vocabulary english- xoah-Xaoh english’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

PONS. flavio, ‘love letters from....’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

SAUNDERS. robert, ‘amsterdam (cloud..wolk)
’amsterdam, 1979, stamp

SILVEIRA. regina, ‘topografia’
amsterdam, no date, stamp

STANSFIELD. elsa/ HOOYKAAS, madelon, ‘splitseconds’
no place, no date, no stamp

TOT. endré, ‘ten documents ‘73-’80,
amsterdam,1980, no stamp


BARNEVELD. aart van,
amsterdam, 1978, no stamp

BARNEVELD. aart van,
‘SELFPORTRAITS-Commonpress nr. 15’
amsterdam, 1979, stamp

BARNEVELD. aart van,; GAJEWSKI. henryk,
; RYPSON. piotr,; SZWERYN. wieslaw,
warszawa-amsterdam, 1979, no stamp

amsterdam, 1980, stamp

* stamp or no stamp indications does concern the use of
STEMPELPLAATS or RUBBERBOOKS business stamps only.

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